Thank you for visiting my page. I never expected I’d have to battle this rare form of cancer twice or to have to ask for help so desperately to make a dream of surviving come true. I have set my sight on goals and achieved many through the years. In all my life I have never had a yearning so great as this mission to heal my body. This desire to keep trying and never give up has taught me so much about hope, love and humbleness. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone holding on each day, fighting for their life. I wish success for all of us.
~ Raquel


Angels For Raquel“Angels for Raquel” is a mission that is going full force to help Raquel Ndzeidze get to a hospital where she will have a chance to heal her body from a rare form of ovarian cancer. The rarity of this cancer cannot even allow her to do the most aggressive therapies that are done here in the United States such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Raquel prefers a holistic approach to harsh toxic treatments and is eager to get to a hospital that specializes in alternative cancer treatment to heal her body. She is grateful that she has been accepted as a patient at CMN Hospital in San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico. This hospital has been well-established for 30 years and specializes in treating cancer with alternative therapies. Raquel is scheduled to for four weeks of inpatient therapies and three months of aftercare treatments.

Raquel, was first diagnosed with this rare form of cancer at the young age of 23 where she endured two surgeries to remove cancer successfully.For 11 years Raquel did well, and now she must fight again! She has an excellent support group who love and support her. We need your help to raise $45,000.00 USD. The first $45,000.00 will cover her treatment, airfare and other expenses. Our target date to arrive in Mexico is as soon as she can,  in December. We know she should already be there and that time is of an essence. Raquel is patient, but we need your help if we are going to help save Raquel’s life. All of you who donate are angels in her life. Raquel needs your donations to help get her to the battlefield and to receive the treatment she deserves.  Raquel’s Facebook

Our Goal of $45,000.00 Gets Raquel to her cancer treatment.